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Can You Go Glamping on a Budget? (Price Guide for Posh Camping)

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Glamorous camping or glamping, as the name suggests, promises to be a fun-filled and relaxing form of camping, but one can imagine how expensive glamping could be.

Well, does glamping have to be expensive?

Can you go glamping on a budget?

Even though glamping is a fancier form of camping, you can surely go on a budget while making the most out of it. Some ways to save costs include using your stuff from home, borrowing from friends, or even planning with someone.

glamping tent in forest

After planning budget-friendly glamping, what fun activities can you engage in? What are more tips to help you save money? Continue reading.

Cool Tips to Go Glamping on a Budget

Here are some tips that can help you to save a lot of money while you are planning for your glamping trip:

Use What You Own

Instead of planning your glamping trip with new or rented items and equipment, what if you make use of what you own?

If you live alone or you can explain what your plans are to the people that you live with, you can make use of things at home.

For example, you can carry your rug, lights, and games such as chess and mahjong.

This is a great idea, especially when you live alone because these items will just lay around in the house with no one to use them.

So long as they still look new and transporting them will not damage them, try to use them.

Buy Gear and Don’t Rent

As for the items that you do not have at home, you will need to buy or rent them.

While you can rent an RV or other very expensive items, you should try to buy the less expensive ones such as air mattresses, rugs, etc.

Buying helps you save a lot of money in the future because instead of renting regularly, you already own the stuff.

interior view of teepee tent pitched on glamping

Buying is a great idea for people who plan to go glamping often.

If you are only trying glamping for the first time or you do not feel like going glamping regularly, you should rent the items because you may not need them as often as others would.

Cook Your Own Food

Getting takeout regularly is super expensive, especially if you prefer exotic and fresh foods.

The truth is that most of these expensive foods are cheap to make so long as you can get the ingredients.

overhead view of prepared breakfast at camp site

When you are planning to go glamping, consider the total amount of ingredients that you’d need to cook on the trip.

This can save you a lot of money and energy as you will not need to find a restaurant anywhere. Please do not forget to travel with your stove, pots, and spoons.

Bring Your Own Entertainment

Instead of buying or paying for entertainment at the campsite, you can bring your own. For example, you can bring board games and games like Kan Jam and ladder ball.

Remember to carry books or a fully charged e-reader with you so that you can escape reality and even improve yourself while glamping.

Two Female Friends Camping running with smoke flares

Choose a Closer Campground

Glamping closer to home doesn’t just help to save money that you’d have used for transporting your things, it can also make the experience more glamorous as you can now take more with you.

Also, it is best that you choose a closer location when you are camping or glamping for the first time so that the journey does not stress you out.

Plan Glamping Activities With Your Friends

One super way that you can save money and even reduce how much you spend by half is to plan a trip with a friend.

While you’ll have some items that you bring, your friends will also bring their own items, and then you will both share everything. However, you both will likely stay in the same tent.

group of friends during trip navigating with map

Write Down Everything That You Need

Writing down what you need is a great way to save money. Instead of just seeing things and then buying them, you need a detailed list so that you do not buy more than you need.

  • Air mattress: The most comfortable type of bed to enjoy the trip.
  • Two large throw pillows: For you and your partner if you are traveling with someone.
  • Two small throw pillows: To make sleeping more comfortable.
  • Fairy lights: There is no glamping without lights.
  • Two outdoor chairs: So that you can enjoy your surroundings.
  • One throw rug: To make your tent more beautiful and glamorous.
  • One comforter or blanket: To keep you warm and comfortable at night.
emergency backpack checklist with necessities preparation

When you write down everything that you need, you don’t buy extra so you can save money. Remember to ask other expert glamorous campers to help you update your shopping list.

Check Thrift Stores

You’d be surprised by the number of cheap items that you can find in thrift stores. When you see the need to buy some stuff for the trip, you can save a lot of money by visiting these stores.

No matter how cheap the items may be, remember that you still need to buy only what you need so that you can save more money.

thrift shop, racks full of jackets

Borrow Items and Equipment from Your Friends

Before you head out to buy or rent items and equipment that you need for glamping, try asking others if they have it. You can ask any friend who has gone glamping before if they have what you need.

Your friends will be willing to share their stuff with you and this will help you to save a lot of money.

Please use the items of others with care. Your friends trust that you can keep their items safe, so do not betray their trust. Remember to return their things in the same shape that they were given to you.

As you can see, there are so many ways to save money while glamping. Continue reading to learn some cool activities to do when you go glamping.

Cool Budget-Friendly Glamping Activities

You can still do fun activities even on a budget-friendly glamping trip. Here are some activities that you can engage in:

Spa Treatment

One reason people want to save money when planning their glamping trip is so that they can save enough money to do some fancy stuff like spa treatments.

You have been busy with work or school, you surely deserve a spa treatment. If there is a spa nearby, you should go for it.

young woman receiving facial beauty treatment

You don’t even need to go to a spa; you can hire a masseuse to come and give you a massage while you are glamping. This can be a part of the budget while planning the trip.

Make sure that you know the price so that it doesn’t take you by surprise.

Fancy Dates

a couple dancing next to the glamping tent

If you will be glamping with your significant other, you now have a chance to be romantic.

If you were both busy you may not have had time to go on fancy and expensive dates, but this is the chance you’ve been waiting for you.

You can either go to a fancy restaurant nearby or you can prepare your own delicacies.

Remember that you are on a budget-friendly glamping trip, so you must plan and know how much you’d be spending on this date. You can still have the best date with minimal spending.

Explore Nature

Glamping is just a word for “glamorous camping.”

This simply means that while camping involves a lot of activities, glamping involves every camping activity plus a lot more.

One of the most common activities while camping is hiking and exploring nature. You should try this out when you go glamping.

couple exploring nature

Remember to take your hiking gear with you which includes boots, a compass or guide, a drinking flask, and other items. Please don’t go too far from your camp without informing others.

Also, remember that you are in the wild, so you need to be careful and follow any park rules.


Why not sit back and find yourself? If you are not a fan of going out and hanging with people all the time, you now have a chance to stay by yourself inside your tent and meditate.

Meditation is a journey that can help you find yourself, so when you meditate while glamping, you will surely have a satisfactory glamping activity.

photo of a young woman from behind doing meditation

Besides meditation, activities that can help you find yourself and get better mentally are exercising, yoga, reading, and more.

However, remember that you are not alone in the world, so you still need to go out and meet others.

Make New Friends and Bond with Old Ones

Why not meet new people? Even though you are trying to get away from the busyness of civilization, you can still meet new people.

If you are in a popular spot for glamping, there is a high chance that the other people there share a lot of similar ideas and opinions with you, so you just might meet good friends while glamping.

friends making barbecue and having lunch in the nature

Even if you do not meet new people, you will bond with your friends and family (the people that you went glamping with).

It is a great idea to play games together and get to know each other better.


As you can see, there are a lot of activities to do while glamping on a budget. You can even do all of them. You don’t need to spend much when you go glamorous camping.

With a planned budget, you can still enjoy your glamping trip just like others. Therefore, you should try to save costs in whichever way possible.


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