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Can You Put a Canopy Over a Fire Pit? (Must Read Safety Tips)

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Many people have fire pits in their backyards for summer barbeques, fall celebrations, and quick backyard gatherings. For most of us, having a cover over the fire pit would be ideal, but is it safe?

Can you put a canopy over a fire pit?

You can put a canopy over a fire pit if you take specific precautions during and after enjoying a fire. It is important to use the right kind of canopy over a fire pit since not all canopies are the same. With the right canopy and the right precautions, you can enjoy having a canopy over your fire pit.

Wooden shelter with a tarp and a fire pit made of stones

Setting up a canopy over your backyard or campsite fire pit might be exactly what you have been waiting for. It is important to do your homework first to make sure you have the right product and know exactly what precautions to take.

Is it Safe to Put a Canopy Over a Fire Pit?

In the right situation, with the proper type of canopy, it is safe to put a canopy over a fire pit. The bad news is that there are not many fire-safe canopies available that can safely go over fire pits.

Unfortunately, it is not safe to put most canopies over fire pits as they are not made to withstand the heat and the carbon monoxide that fire generates.

You can only safely put certain canopies over fire pits if the company made the canopies specifically for covering fire pits.

It is important to know that you should only put fire-safe canopies over small fire pits that are unable to grow out of control. When you put the wrong type of canopy over the wrong size fire pit, things get dangerous very quickly.

Campfire in a fire pit

What Kind of Canopy Can Go Over a Fire Pit?

Canopies that are specifically made to go over fire pits are the only canopies that should ever cover a fire pit. There are two different companies that sell these types of canopies online.

Campfire Canopy

Campfire Canopy is a company that makes canopies that are safe to cover campfires and fire pits. These canopies contain special materials that are both fire-resistant and waterproof.

The Campfire Canopy is extra tall to maintain a safe distance from the fire and make sure there is plenty of room for smoke to make its way out.

This company advertises that they have the premier patented fire shelter.

family camping near the beach sitting under a canopy

Kozy Canopy

The Kozy Canopy is another type of fire pit canopy made specifically to safely go over fire pits. The top of this canopy has an opening that allows smoke to exit easily from underneath the canopy.

This company makes their canopies out of fire-resistant material that helps prevent them from catching fire. This specific type of canopy is ideal for going over small fire pits that are low to the ground.

Safety Tips When Putting a Canopy Over a Fire Pit

There are several safety tips that you must know about before putting a fire-resistant canopy over a fire pit. The tips listed here can save you and your family from dangerous situations.

Only Use a Fire-Resistant Canopy

Canopy tent. with lounge chairs and table setup on the beach

You should never use a regular canopy over a fire pit. Canopies that are not fire-resistant can easily catch fire because they are normally not made to be fire-resistant.

Regular canopies are not made to withstand the heat of a fire, even in a small fire pit. They also do not have proper ventilation, which can make them even more unsafe.

Only Use a Canopy with Proper Smoke Ventilation

Most typical canopies do not have a proper or any smoke ventilation system in the center of the canopy.

Without proper ventilation, canopies over fire pits can hold in carbon monoxide, which is a poisonous gas.

This also means you should never use a canopy with sides or walls when covering a fire pit of any kind. Walls and sides will cause the canopy to hold in even more carbon dioxide, becoming extremely dangerous for anyone inside.  

Only Use a Fire Pit with Sides and Low to the Ground

Fire pit with wooden canopy
Fire pit with sides

It is important to only use a fire pit that has sides and is low to the ground. The sides will prevent burning wood or other materials from falling out.

The short height will allow more room between the actual flames and the canopy. The more room there is between the fire pit and the top of the canopy, the safer you and your guests will be.

Keep a Water Source or Fire Extinguisher Close By

A portable fire extinguisher on the background of firewood

As with any fire, make sure there is a good water source or fire extinguisher nearby. You never know when fires can get out of hand, so it is always good to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Many of us forget that we should keep a water hose or fire extinguisher close by when dealing with any type of fire.

Trust me, you will not regret having water and a fire extinguisher on hand if any type of fire emergency arises.

Do Not Light a Fire in Dry Areas

You should never light a fire in an extremely dry climate or area. If there are burn bans in your area, avoid lighting a fire, even in a fire pit under a canopy, until the ban is over.

Dangerous and deadly fires can spread quickly in dry climates, even when you try to prevent it from happening.

The best course of action is to just skip the fire for a day or two until the dry weather subsides.

Things to Keep in Mind

1. Do Your Research

woman researching on her laptop, with thinking face

Before buying a canopy to go over your fire pit, make sure you research the company you are purchasing from. Make sure the company designed the canopy specifically to go over a fire pit.

Some companies advertise that their canopies are fire retardant, but that does not mean you should ever put them over a fire pit.

2. Do Not Always Do What Friends Do

Just because your friend, family member, or neighbor uses a regular canopy to go over their fire pit, it does not mean it is safe. Take the right precautions with your own family and friends and use a fire-pit-friendly canopy.

3. Invest in Safety

white canopy tent

Of course, canopies that are designed to go over fire pits are likely going to be more expensive than regular canopies.

Fire extinguishers are also an added expense you may have not anticipated, but can you really put a price on safety?

Invest in a quality fire pit canopy and get a fire extinguisher to keep your loved ones safe and secure.

Final Thoughts

You can put a fire pit over a canopy if you use the right kind of canopy for the job. Even if a canopy says that it is fire resistant, that does not necessarily mean that you can put it over a fire pit.

It is also important to stay safe by keeping a fire extinguisher close by, and always make sure your canopy has proper ventilation before putting it over a fire pit.


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