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Can You Hike in Blundstones? (See How We Rate These for Hiking)

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Blundstones are beautiful boots to wear. People describe these boots as all-in-one because they are suitable for almost any event. What about hiking and other sports activities?

Can you hike in Blundstone boots?

Of course, you can hike in these boots. They are super comfortable, and a lot of hikers have hiked in them successfully. Just like many other activities, Blundstones boots are suitable for hiking so long as you do not walk long distances in them.

blundstone brown shoes working boots on white background

However, this does not mean that Blundstone boots are better than hiking boots for hiking. These boots lack ankle support, so you should not walk on rough paths in them.

What are the benefits of hiking in Blundstones boots and what should you consider? Continue reading.

What You Should Consider Before Hiking in Blundstones?

The only thing you really need to consider is how you feel about hiking in Blundstones. No matter how you look at it, it is up to you to decide.

Since you cannot make a good decision without testing the boots, it’s best to test them out first.

Also, note that there are several types of Blundstones boots, so you want to go for those with softer materials such as canvas and suede.

Hiking in leather boots can promote blisters and you will most likely not be comfortable walking long distances in them.

Benefits of Hiking in Blundstones

Here are some benefits of the boots:

They Are Very Comfortable

If you have worn a Blundstones before, you’ll agree that these boots are super comfortable, and they can even improve your walking because you feel great in them.

This may be the reason why you are thinking of hiking in them.

Blundstones Are Hardy

If you are someone that goes for quality, you will surely have a lot of Blundstone boots because the quality of these boots is top-notch.

You can use the boots for years and even walk long distances in them and they will still look appealing and be comfortable.

boots on the roof under the sunlight

They Are Easy to Clean

Hiking in your Blundstone boots will expose them to dirt which may get caked on. Even though this dirt looks messy it’s quite easy to clean if you have the right products and brushes.

Later in this article, we will discuss ways to clean your Blundstone boots according to the type of boot.

Their Color Matches the Terrain

There is always a Blundstone boot that matches the color of every path that you walk on.

If you love fashion and want to look cool while hiking, you can wear Blundstone boots. Just remember to clean your boots regularly.

You Can Use Blundstones for Everything

Besides hiking, you can make use of your Blundstone boots for mountain biking. You can even use them for parties and nights out.

As you can see, these boots are great for every situation, and many people love them.

Cute Golden Retriever paw on man’s boot

Tips for Hiking in Blundstones

Here are some tips to help you hike in Blundstone boots with ease:

Use Them on Easy Trails and Not Rough Ground

Blundstone boots may be super comfortable, but they have no ankle support.

This means that you can easily hurt your ankles when you walk in these boots (compared to other boots designed for hiking).

To help prevent ankle injuries while hiking in Blundstones, you should not hike on rough paths.

Do Not Walk Long Distances in Blundstones

These boots are heavy and do not have ankle support. This means that you can get tired quickly by walking in Blundstone boots when compared to other lighter, more supportive hiking boots.

To avoid getting exhausted on the road, only hike short distances in these boots.

Wear the Correct Boot Size

You’ll want to wear boots that are snug and fit well. These boots are very comfortable. When selecting your boots, go for the right size before you consider their color and other features.

Regularly Check for Blisters

If you are hiking in Blundstone boots for the first time, you should check your feet for blisters.

If you see that you get blisters after you wear the boots, you should go for more comfortable hiking boots or look for another Blundstone that fits you better.

Big bloody callus on man's heel

Wear Breathable Wool Socks

You will want to wear comfortable socks in your boots so that you do not get blisters. The socks should be made of wool or any other super breathable material.

Remember that you should only wear dry and clean socks so that you do not get smelly feet after hiking.

Now you are ready for hiking in Blundstone boots. After hiking on different terrains with your boots, they will surely become dirty.

Continue reading to learn how to clean your Blundstone boots.

How to Clean Your Blundstone Boots

Here are some tips to clean assorted styles of Blundstone boots.:

Leather Blundstones

If you have Blundstone boots that are made of leather, follow the process below to clean them:

  • Remove the dirt: You should use a soft brush to remove the formed or caked-on dirt from the boot surface.
  • Use Polish on the Boots: After removing the dirt, apply leather polish to the boots to give them back their nice look. Remember to use a polish that matches the color of your boots.
  • Air-dry the boots: Before you shine the boots, you should wait until the polish is dry. It is best to leave them in the sun for a while.
  • Shine the boots: After 20-30 minutes, use your polishing brush to shine the boots.

Note that you do not need to apply more polish to get very shiny shoes.

leather blundstone on the floor

Canvas Blundstones

Unlike leather, you can use water to clean canvas Blundstone boots. Here are the steps:

  • Remove the dirt: You can make use of a hard brush to scrub off the dirt from the surface. Take extra care when scrubbing the boots.
  • Remove stains: After scrubbing the boots, you may notice that the dirt left some stains. To remove the stains, you should apply warm water and detergent to the stains and then scrub them after a few minutes.
  • Dry the boots: Air-dry the boots and wait until they are completely dry before you wear them again.

Do not soak the boots in water unless you can dry them very quickly.

Suede Blundstones

Suede is a unique and beautiful material. Here are some tips to clean your suede Blundstone boots:

  • Remove the dirt: Use a soft brush to remove the formed or caked-on dirt. Be gentle with it.
  • Mix leather and suede cleaner together: Combine a little of both solutions with warm water. Mix everything before you move on to the next step.
  • Use the mixture on stained parts of the boots: Apply the mixture to the stained parts of the suede first and then use the soft brush to brush off those areas.
  • Wipe the boots and air-dry them: When you are done cleaning the boots, keep them outside or in a windy place and wait for the boots to dry.

Please make sure that the boots dry with the help of the sun or wind. Do not use a heater or any appliance to dry them.

 woman wearing Blundstones by the lake

Nubuck Blundstones

Nubuk is a form of leather for boots, but the process of cleaning it is different from that of leather. Follow these steps:

  • Remove the dirt: Just like leather boots, make use of a soft brush to clean the nubuck.
  • Remove scuffs: Scuffs make the boots look bad, so make use of a nubuck cleaning product or gum eraser to remove them.
  • Wipe the boots and air-dry them: If you made use of a nubuck cleaning product, air-dry the boots before you move on to the next step.
  • Use a stain repellent: This step is optional, but if you want your boots to be stain-free, you will need a stain repellent.

Now you can clean the most popular types of Blundstone boots. Continue reading to learn what you should avoid when cleaning the boots.

Avoid the Following when Cleaning Your Blundstones

Avoid the following:

  • Soaking the boots: Do not soak your Blundstone boots, especially those made of leather because water can damage them.
  • Allow the dirt to stay for too long: Even if you are not ready to clean your boots, use a brush to remove the caked-on dirt. It can be more difficult to remove if you wait too long.
  • Making use of a heater or an oven: Air-dry or sun-dry the boots, do not use an appliance to dry them.

Now you can comfortably hike in your Blundstone boots because you can clean them afterward.

Final Thoughts

You can hike in Blundstone boots because they are comfortable, and these boots are suitable for almost any event.

But do not use them to hike for long distances or on rough paths because you can get hurt as the boots lack ankle support.


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