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Can Squirrels Eat Strawberries?

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Squirrels are adventurous eaters who enjoy eating just about anything and everything that they can get their hands on. Since strawberries grow close to the ground, they are easily accessible for squirrels to grasp on to and enjoy!

It is safe and healthy for squirrels to eat strawberries. While they are enjoying strawberries, they will benefit from not only the delicious taste but also the large amounts of nutrients that they can provide for squirrels.

Eastern Grey Squirrel in front of brick wall

Are strawberries healthy for squirrels?

Strawberries are healthy and beneficial for squirrels to eat in small amounts, some of the health benefits include the following.

  • Vitamin C: Necessary for growth, repairs cell tissue, and helps aid in the proper function of organs.
  • Potassium: May reduce blood pressure and regulate fluid balances.
  • Provides heart health: High polyphenol content may help prevent heart disease and may even provide a lower risk of heart attacks.
  • Provides antioxidants: This may reduce many diseases such as certain cancers and helps the body repair cell tissue.

Can squirrels eat strawberry stems?

cute squirrel gets a fresh juicy strawberry for a treat

Squirrels are able to eat strawberry stems.

Although strawberry stems and leaves are likely not the tastiest treat in the world, squirrels still enjoy snacking on them.

Squirrels oftentimes can not tell the difference between what to eat and what not to and therefore will just eat the strawberry as a whole.

While they aren’t the tastiest part of the strawberry, the stems are not bad for the squirrels and some might even enjoy their taste!

How to prevent squirrels from eating your strawberries

There are several methods that may be implemented if you don’t want squirrels eating fruits and vegetables in your garden.


Red chili peppers on the plant

There are many differing repellents that can distract a squirrel and deter them from wanting to eat and ruin your vegetables and fruits.

Many repellents that are made for  squirrels use specialized ingredients to make sure they are not fatal to the squirrel or other animals and do not ruin the plants.

These repellents commonly include ingredients like hot peppers. These distract squirrels and turn off by the scent and taste of this spicy and undesirable taste, thus turning them away from your strawberries.

Coffee grounds

Coffee beans and coffee ground on wooden bowl

Coffee grounds are a great way to keep squirrels out of the garden because they don’t like the strong smell and acidic taste of the grounds on the fruits.

This trick can oftentimes keep other critters away as well and should be touched up frequently to ensure its effectiveness.

To do this, sprinkle coffee grounds around the base of the plant and around the dirt, retouch every one to two weeks.

Chicken wire

Chicken wire mesh

Chicken wire is a common tool, found at popular home improvement stores, that is used to keep small animals away from gardens and plants.

This can easily be done by putting up chicken wire with holes no bigger than one inch. This will prevent squirrels from being able to get into the plants and will create a safe space for your strawberries to grow!

Special note

This information is not a suitable substitute for medical advice, if you believe there is a squirrel acting oddly or showing abdominal symptoms, it is important to take them to a veterinarian right away to ensure they are treated for any potential illness and the prevention of possible fatality.


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