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Can squirrels eat grapes

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Since squirrels are omnivores they need more fruits and vegetables in their diet to obtain nutrition and energy as a counterbalance for the proteins they consume.

Squirrels can eat and seem to really enjoy eating grapes. Grapes are an amazing fruit filled with antioxidants, nutrients, and are a tasty treat that they will eat whenever given the opportunity.

Squirrels will generally eat grapes from anywhere whether they are on a low vine and easily accessible or even if they have to climb and jump to obtain this tasty and fun treat.

Squirrel on the tree

Are grapes healthy for squirrels?

Although they are able to be eaten, grapes are generally not a good part of a squirrel’s diet.

Grapes are high in sugars and this is overall detrimental to squirrels’ health. But squirrels do enjoy eating grapes because they are small, easily accessible, and fun to eat.

Nevertheless, when a squirrel eats too many grapes in one sitting or even over an extended period of time, this can cause digestive issues which even lead to death if not treated. The high sugar content will lead to weight gain, clogged arteries, and digestive issues.

Red grapes

Squirrels tend to prefer sweeter and more vibrant fruits, red grapes fall under this category as they have a fresh and sweet flavor to them.

Oftentimes a squirrel will enjoy this type of grape over a green grape as they’re more enjoyable and to their liking. This depends on the squirrel and their preferences overall.

Green grapes

Green grapes are have a considerably more sour and bitter taste. It is based on personal preference but overall squirrels prefer sweeter foods.

Although they tend to eat any type of available fruit, they will commonly prefer to eat a red grape over a green grape. However, just like people, Individual squirrels do have their own preferences.

Grapes with seeds

Squirrels are not picky when it comes to their diet and will eat whatever they find tasty. As squirrels are naturally more drawn to nuts and seeds as it is, they don’t mind if grapes contain seeds.

These seeds inside are actually filled with antioxidants and high sources of nutrients which are good for squirrels to eat in small amounts.

squirrel eating grapes

How to stop squirrels from eating your grapes

Since grapes grow on vines, they are low to the ground and easily accessible for animals, especially squirrels. There are several ways to get your squirrels to stop eating your grapes, some of these solutions include the following.


Repellent is oftentimes used to control animals eating products and foods in a garden or household. To prevent squirrels on your grapevine, spray all over the area with a specialized squirrel repellent.

These repellents are oftentimes made with natural ingredients such as hot peppers which the squirrels dislike the taste of so they leave the product alone. This way, there is not a poisonous residue left on the grapes themselves.

This repellent should be sprayed all over the branches, leaves, and trunk of the plant to ensure protection from squirrels.

Barbed wire

Barbed wire is often used to scare off and prevent animals and people from going in places. This is a common trick that can be used for squirrels as well.

By putting sharp barbed wire around branches and leaves of the grapevine, the squirrel will get hurt or be unable to reach their product with ease, this will create a new and effective way for getting squirrels out of your garden.

Greenhouse space

A greenhouse is a fun and peaceful place where plants and flowers are grown. This space contracts sunlight but is indoors so animals and particles are unable to harm them. If you create a space like this for your grapes, the squirrels will be unable to get into the vines and unable to eat the grapes.

This space can be as little or as big as desired but should cover the vine to make sure there is no way the squirrels can get it, this may be created with wood, chicken wire, glass, etc.

Make sure the grapes have enough sunlight to grow and blossom with this new greenhouse tactic.

newly planted grapes in greenhouse

Special note

This information is not a substitute for medical advice and should not be treated as such. If you believe you have a squirrel that is displaying abnormal symptoms, it is important to take them to a veterinarian right away to diagnose and treat any problems to prevent a potential fatality.


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