Do Female Moose Have Antlers?

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Under normal circumstances, female moose do not have antlers. But in rare situations, a female moose may grow antlers.

Antlers are mainly a masculine feature in moose. So, female moose would normally not have antlers. But then, in rare cases, you may find a female moose with antlers.

Do Female Moose Have Antlers?

As you may have guessed, the easiest way to tell a male moose from a female moose is the antlers. But in exceptional cases, the antlers may not be accurate.

How to Tell a Male Moose from a Female Moose

Bells are present in both male and female moose. But it is larger in male moose than female moose.


Generally, cow moose have lighter faces than bull moose. A cow moose’s muzzle is typically light-brown. Bulls, on the other hand, usually have dark-brown or black faces.

Facial Coloration