Types of Dragonflies

(and where to find them)

Dragonflies are found in any place with water, including swamps, lakes, canals, streams, rivers, and ponds. 

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Blue Dasher

The blue dasher belongs to the skimmer family.

Where to find them: North America, Bahamas, United States, and lower portions of Canada (Ottawa)

Clubtail Dragonfly

Clubtail dragonflies, also called blade tail dragonflies, belong to the Gomphidae family.

Where to find them: Water bodies in North America


Also known as Pantala flavescens, gliders are the most dispersed dragonflies in the world.

This type of dragonfly features a bold yellow-colored body which identifies them from other dragonfly species.

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Keeled Skimmer

Keeled skimmers belong to the Libellulidae family.

Where to find them: Central and Southern Europe, Western Britain, and Ireland.

Common Whitetail

Also known as a ‘long-tailed skimmer,’ the common whitetail is a type of dragonfly with a distinct and unique appearance.