Types of Crabs in California

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California also has a pleasant Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and wet, cooler winters. These conditions helped with developing rich flora and fauna which includes plenty of invertebrates (species with no bony skeleton).

Dungeness crabs are the most plentiful crab type in California. They prevalently inhabit the area north of Monterey Bay.

Dungeness Crab

(Metacarcinus Magister)

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Their color is often something between yellow and yellowish-brown, noting there is a bit of purple wash from the front side of their body.

Yellow Crab

(Cancer Anthonyi)

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Unlike with Dungeness crabs, their claws are not saw-toothed. Another one of the features that distinguishes them from other crabs is their big, broad tail flaps.

Red Crab

(Cancer Productus)

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Brown crabs do not tolerate brackish conditions like some other crabs do. They eat snails, echinoderms, various bivalves, and some other crustaceans.

Brown Crab or Rock Crab

(Cancer Antennarium)

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