7 Steps for  Taking Care of a Grasshopper

Keeping grasshoppers  is fun and easy. 

Here are some basic care steps that you should abide by.

Get a Large and Clear Glass/Plastic Container for Your Grasshoppers

You are going to want to be able to see your grasshoppers, so you should go for a transparent container.

Feed Your Grasshoppers with Grasses and Leaves

Raise your grasshoppers on an herbivorous diet. Leaves, grasses, flowers, seeds are part of their natural diet.

Spray Leaves and Grasses with Water Droplets before Feeding the Grasshoppers

To give them water, spray their food with water before placing the food in the terrarium. 

Do not raise more than three males in a terrarium unless you have enough space, food, and mates for them.

Keep Fewer Males in a Little Terrarium