Facts About

Elephants’ Eyes and Vision

All living creatures, big and small, have a different view of the world around them. One of the animals with a different view of the world is the Elephant.

Elephants have amazing eyes that come in various colors. Their most common eye colors are dark brown, light brown, honey, and gray.

What Color Are Elephants' Eyes

Coupled with the fact that they have poor vision, elephants are also color blind. Color-blind elephants tend to have the same set of visual pigments as color-blind humans.

Can Elephants See Color?

Just like every other animal, elephants have two eyes, but interestingly they have three eyelids.

How Many Eyes Do Elephants Have?

Elephants have relatively poor eyesight. Elephants eyes are located on the side of their heads. With their eyes in this position, they have better peripheral vision.

How Good Is an Elephant’s Eyesight?