18 Animals That Are All Black

All-black animals are also called melanistic animals. Melanistic animals have melanism – a mutation  in which their body produces  more melanin than usual.

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Black Panther

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The Black Panther is one of the most popular melanistic animals.

Black Panthers are relatively uncommon. It is estimated that the highest possible rate of Black Panthers amongst the usual leopards and jaguars is 11%

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Black Wolf

Black wolves occur more commonly in forested areas.

Melanistic wolves have been seen into wolf species – the Grey Wolf and the Red Wolf. Melanistic Grey Wolves still exist.

Black Rabbit

European rabbits come in various colors, and one of these many colors is all-black.

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Black Fox (Silver Fox)

They may also be called silver foxes because the black coats around their hindquarters sometimes have silver tips.

Black Serval Cat

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Commonly, Servals have buff, tan, or golden-yellow coats with black spots. But melanistic variants do exist.